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What materials can I place in my recycling bin?
- Plastic Bottles and Jugs - #1 thrue #7 such as soda, juice and water bottles, or detergent and shampoo bottles (emptied, rinsed and without tops or lids.)
- Tin, steel, and bi-metal used food cans (emptied of food residue and rinsed.)
- Aluminum beverage cans (rinsed)
- Glass bottles and jars (Clear and colored; emptied, rinsed, without caps or tops)
- Paper items such as newspapers and inserts, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, phone books, paper back books, office paper, white and colored paper (without wax coating; wet paper products will not be accepted and are considered as contamination)
- Cardboard boxes (flattened), paperboard, brown bags (wet and damp items will not be accepted and are considered as contamination)
What items are prohibited ?
- No household waste, food waste, or food-tainted items
- No yard waste or dry trash
- NO STYROFOAM of any kind even if it has a recycling symbol and NO PLASTIC BAGS OR BAG-   LIKE MATERIAL.
- No hazardous materials, no automotive parts, and no electrical parts
- No building and construction material
- No medical waste or pharmaceuticals
- No wet cardboard, wet pasteboard, or wet paper products and no pizza boxes. You can rip the top of the pizza box (the part that is not greasy and has not held the food) and recycle it. Please throw the bottom of the box that contains food residue in the garbage.
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